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Helen Hallows is a mixed media artist who is inspired by nature and the world around her. She is passionate about art, creating, living, teaching and using it as an aid to cleanse and energise. Buying a piece of Helen's work will help to bring positive vibes in to your home.

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Michelle Gemmel is a visionary and a creator of dreams. Based in Leeds, Michelle loves working for herself and enjoys creating something new everyday. Her Passion for design is in greetings card and prints but she is working on other lines of products and hopes to launch them very soon.

studio portrait - Rebecca Carr

Rebecca Carr is an artist and illustrator working around the Yorkshire Dales.  She set up her small creative business Lalabuds five years ago and has developed a range of cards, prints and giftware from her artwork.  She loves combining the story element in her designs and as well as painting, uses a combination of hand drawing with pencil and digital media to make her own style.

Photographer and curator Linda Spiteri started taking pictures a few years ago. Linda says: "I take pictures to capture a moment, tell a story, remind me of where I was at a given time. My pictures aren't really anything specific, they're just pictures of things that I like - but what I try to do is capture colour, texture and form. When I take pictures, I'm usually travelling, lost in my surroundings. Taking pictures makes me smile... I hope they make you smile too."